Privacy Policy

GB Hospital cares about the privacy and safety of our visitors. The administration, physicians and staff of GB Hospital and Medical College are committed to ensuring the privacy rights of anyone using our website.

Please remember that medical information provided on this site by GB Hospital, in the absence of a visit with a healthcare professional, must be considered as an educational service only; we cannot diagnose or treat by e-mail. Any information sent through e-mail should not be relied upon as medical advice, nor does that information replace a physician’s judgment.

Our website contains forms through which users can request information. In some cases, telephone numbers or return addresses are required so that we can supply the requested information to you. We do not provide any information supplied on our web forms to any outside organization other than as required by law. When your information is sent to our site, it is only available to those employees directly concerned with it.

We conduct web traffic analyses to track information such as how many users reach individual pages on our website. This information is statistical only and has no reference to any user.

GB Hospital will not make personal healthcare information available online to patients and/or their physicians via this website.