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About GB Medical College (GBMC):

The German Bangladesh Medical College and Hospital (GBMCH) is an institution with its home campus in Purbachal Marine City near Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh. A fully functional GBMCH will be a clinical and educational site.

The Faculty of Medicine will comprise six fully accredited health sciences colleges:

  1. College of Dentistry
  2. College of Medicine
  3. College of Pharmacy
  4. College of Graduate Health Sciences
  5. College of Health Professions and
  6. College of Nursing

The above-mentioned institutions will be integrated for maximum educational and clinical impact at our location. These colleges are the primary venues for the training of health care professionals at the hospital.

We are expecting more than 200 students in our degree-granting programs. German Bangladesh Hospital (GBH) will have more than 100 physicians and fellows in six fully accredited training programs. Advanced training for nurses, pharmacists, dentists, health professionals, and medical scientists will be integral to the German Bangladesh Medical College and Hospital.

Our colleges will be led by German and Bangladeshi professionals with a solid commitment to our mission: to improve human health through education, research, clinical care and public service. GBMCH will be dedicated to delivering ground-breaking discoveries that improve the lives of those in our immediate Purbachal Marine City area, as well as those in Dhaka and around the globe. We are committed to providing an environment that is challenging, enriching, productive and safe. GBMC faculty, staff and administrators recognize that we are training the next generation of leaders for the health sciences. This knowledge deepens our commitment to our educational, research and clinical mission.

Professor Dr. med. Cornelious Froemmel will be the Founder Principal and Chief Executive Officer of German Bangladesh Medical College (GBMC). He was the Chief Executive Director (Vorstandssprecher) of University Clinic at Goettingen, Germany. He was also the Dean of the Medical Faculty for 7 years at Goettingen University. Later he was the Founding Professor of Orthobionics at Goettingen for 4 years. He will support the development of GBMCH on the basis of his extensive experience in teaching, research, and medical practice. We have already prepared the course curricula and project profile. We also had a meeting with the Director General of Health of Bangladesh.

Special aspects among others:

  1. Cooperation with leading German medical colleges.
  2. More than 50% teaching staff will be German medical school professors.
  3. German support for scientific equipment for the Medical College and Hospital is expected.

Moreover, the German Bangladesh Medical College (GBMC) will be a cooperating partner of different medical colleges in Germany. We are planning to launch co-curricular activities in cooperation with German partner colleges. Hence, we intend to offer two types of medical courses at German Bangladesh Medical College:

  1. Medical degree courses to meet the local demand, i.e., MBBS degree and
  2. Medical degree courses according to the German curricula, i.e., internationally recognized doctoral degree (Doctor of Medicine). After completing the degree, the qualified doctors will be eligible to work internationally.

GBMC System, through its multiple institutes, serves the people of Purbachal Marine City and beyond through the discovery, communication and application of knowledge. The System is committed to providing undergraduate, graduate and professional education programs in a diverse learning environment that prepares students to be leaders in a global society.


  • Academics (Education)
  • Research
  • Clinical Care
  • Scientific Discovery
  • Public Service

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Purbachal Marine City
Dhaka, Bangladesh

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