About Initiators
The initiators of establishing a German Model Medical College and Hospital in Bangladesh under the name “German Bangladesh Medical College & Hospital (GBMCH) Ltd” are the members of IGUB e.V. To this group belong enthusiastic, dedicated and farsighted German educationists. For more information, visit www.igub.org . The members of IGUB were also the idea generators, concept creators and pioneers of establishing “German University Bangladesh (GUB)” www.gub.edu.bd . The GUB was approved by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh in the year 2013.

About GBMCH:

The “German Bangladesh Medical Centre (GBMC)” will function as Charitable Hospital. We are a not-for-profit, non-tax-supported group practice. This allows us to offer many unique, advanced health care services to people of Bangladesh at competitive prices. We are here to serve the community and Country. We are here to ensure that the latest advances in thinking, teaching and treating are brought directly to our patients. When you hear about a new or advanced treatment at a German Bangladesh Medical Hospital (GBMH), it is often being performed by physician of University Clinical Health Care (UCHC) that means the Physicians are the Teaching Staff of German Bangladesh Medical College (GBMC).

Main aim is to establish a “World Class” Medical College and Hospital with excellent Quality, which is unfortunately lacking in Bangladesh. In GBMCH the following institutions are integrated:

  • German Bangladesh Hospital (GBH)
  • German Bangladesh Medical College (GBMC)
  • German Bangladesh Nurse Training Institute (GBNTI)
  • Nursing Staff Training Institute for Elderly People

Special facility at GBMCH:

  1. Co-operation with different German Medical Universities and Hospitals
  2. At least 50% German Teaching Staffs and Technicians
  3. German support for Scientific Apparatus for the Medical College and expecting
  4. German support for Hospital Decoration

German Professors and Professionals will teach the students of German Bangladesh Medical College (GBMC) and German Professionals will train the Nurses at German Bangladesh Nurse Institute (GBNTI). After Completion of Courses the Students and Nurses will be awarded Internationally Recognized Certificate. This will enable the successors to get job both in inland as well as foreign countries including Germany.

GB Medical College will offer two types of medical courses:..

  • Medical Courses to meet the local demand i.e. MBBS doctors and
  • Medical Courses according to the German Curricula i.e. International Recognized Doctoral Degree (Doctor of Medicine). After completing the degree, the students will be illegible to work in foreign countries e.g. for European countries including Germany.

The Curse Curricula for the German Bangladesh Medical College (GBMC) and project profile have already been prepared by IGUB e.V. Members. IGUB Members had a meeting with the Director General of Health of Bangladesh. The Director General welcomed the Initiators, responded positive and promised his support for the Project.

Managing Director and CEO of GB Hospital:
Professor Dr. Wolfgang Dott is the Managing Director as well as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of German Bangladesh Hospital (DBH). Professor Dott is responsible for the development and Realization of the German Bangladesh Hospital (DBMH) with his vast experience in the field of Hygiene and Environmental Medicine. His field of expertise among others:

  • Director of the Department of Environmental Hygiene for7 years at Technical University Berlin
  • Director of the Department of Hygiene and Environmental Medicine for more than 20 Years at RWTH Aachen University, Germany
  • He is active Member of different Scientific, University and Social Committees among others: DGHM, GDCH, VAAM, ASM, DECHEMA, GHUP

Since 2008, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Dott is the member of Expert Commission of Biological Hazardous Substances at Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR).

Principal and CEO of GB Medical College:
Professor Dr. med. Froemmel will be the Principal and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of German Bangladesh Medical College (GBMC) and he will take the responsibility for the realization of GBMC. He will lead and develop the GBMC on the basis of his long-term experience in organisation of teaching, research, and medical practice. His field of expertise among others:

  • Dean of the Medical Faculty for 7 years at Goettingen University. At the same time Chief Executive Director (Vorstandssprecher) of University Clinic at Goettingen, Germany.
  • Founding Professor of Orthobionics in Goettingen for 4 years.

Advisory Board:
Prof. Dr. A.A.M.S. Arefin Siddique is one of our honourable Advisory board Members along with several renowned German Professors of different German Universities (s. http://www.igub.org/node/14 IGUB members list). These German Professors are the brain of this project and working altruistic with Professor Saifullah Khandker since 15 years; moreover they are the members of IGUB.

Prof. Dr. Sanjoy Kumar Adhikary as a member of Advisory Committee will be helpful for the German Bangladesh Medical University and Hospital to gain new insights and advice to solve the entity problems and explore new opportunities by stimulation robust, high-quality conversation. His contribution is to provide current knowledge, critical thinking and analysis to increase the confidence of the decisions-makers.

Professor Dr.-Ing. Saifullah Khandker
Chairman of German Bangladesh Medical College and Hospital Trust (GBMCHT) and the Chairman of IGUB e.V. will support and help wherever necessary both, Professor Dr. med. Cornelius Froemmel, the Principal and CEO of GBMC and Professor Dr. Wolfgang Dott, the Managing Director and CEO